In Loving Memory Of
Our Pets At Rainbow Bridge



Tabby, or "Fat Kitty", was our first cat and pet together. She was a typical cat. Tabby loved spagetti and was a bit aloof.
When we bought Trixie, our first dog together, in 1982, she ran away from home. A neighbor returned her collar that was found in the bushes.
We never knew what happened to our Fat Kitty. I hope she found a nice home to live in and had a happy life.


Tasha was an Oriental Short-hair. She was our second cat. She was sweet, vocal, and quite affectionate.
She was too dadgum smart for her own good. We just never knew what she would get into.
Tasha enjoyed opening cabinets and exploring inside. I miss 'Tasha-roo' the most. Everybody loved Tasha.


Jacob or Jacob-poo, was our last cat. He was a Persian mix. He's the only one we bought as a kitten. He was also affectionately nicknamed
The Sphinx because he would lay out in the front yard like that while the birds fussed at him. He was notorious for killing their young.
Jacob died of feline leukemia.



Trixie, aka Grumpy Dawg, was our first dog together. I had had a dog before my marriage to Steve.

We rescued Trixie from the in-Humane Society from the gas chamber. The previous owners named her "Trouble". She wasn't trouble, she was SMART! Trixie was about 7 months old when we brought her home. She was estimated to have been born September 15th, 1982 in what was our current town of Jacksonville, FL. She succumbed to old age December 6th, 1999 in Waycross, GA.

Trixie was a poodle / wire-haired fox terrier mix and really, really temperamental. When she was old enough, I bred her with a AKC Miniature Schnauzer named Hannibal that lived down the road in 1984. She had four adorable little puppies one of which we kept, Ruthie (see below). Trixie died of old age right after Ruthie died. She had been struggling for months and I think she gave up trying to live when we lost Ruthie.

Trixie is buried with a marker on our property under a grand oak near the cemetery next door with all our other little fur babies.


Ruthie was one of Trixie's puppies. This photo was taken on the back deck of our new country home in December of 1996. Ruthie was born March 23rd, 1984, in Jacksonville, FL and died February 10th, 1999, in Waycross, GA. Poor thing developed cancer and she had to be 'put down'. That was a very tough time for all of us. I felt gut kicked for about two weeks after her passing, it was so difficult. She is buried with her mama dog, Trixie, under the oak tree next to the cemetery on our property. Our hearts were just broken when Ruthie died. She was my best buddy and very special. I'll never forget her.

Lady or Ladybug

Lady, or Ladybug, was our 'ditch baby'. She was a Staffordshire Terrier / Labrador mix and absolutely fearless. I always called her my loaded gun. She had a way of making one feel safe. Steve brought her home as an abandoned puppy of about 6 weeks old. He found her on a cold April morning, shivering and starving on our country dirt road. She was estimated to have been born around February 14th, 1994 (yeah, Valentines day!) and died November 30th, 2002 at an emergency Vet's office in Waycross.

Lady was born with hip dyspepsia which brought about her early demise. We tried all kinds of medical treatments, but this incurable disease is what eventually shortened this noble dog's life. She is resting next to Trixie and her best little buddy Ruthie under the grand oak on our land.

Sam Jr.

Sam Jr. or Sammy, as we called him, was born 02 March 1999 in Baxley, GA, and died suddenly 10 June 2011 in Waycross, GA. He was an AKC salt & pepper "mini" (miniature schnauzer), but leaned towards being very dark. He had an adorable cropped tail, intact floppy ears and very short legs. Sam was the most alert dog I've ever seen! I think he noticed everything but was always friendly to everyone. He "talked" to us with those loud, sharp "whoo whoo"s when excited.

He was a real charmer with loads of personality and loved to travel and meet new people.

I purchased Sam for my Dad in 2000 from a nice lady in Baxley that was getting out of breeding. At the time Dad was recovering from his second open heart surgery and needed a reason to keep going. A pet can be wonderful for that kind of therapy! I inherited Sammy when my Dad passed away (memorial).

How did Sam get to be called "Jr."? My Dad & step-mother had a once much loved mini named "Sam". When I gave this mini to Dad him, he just kept the name. Sam Jr. and Dad where inseperable. He brought so much joy and companionship to Dad for many years and then to us when we had the pleasure to keep him. I remember after my step-mother died, Dad began kidney dialysis three times a week. Our loyal little Sam was always there to greet him with friendly "whoo whoo's" on his return and this helped Dad feel needed.

Sadly, the poor little guy suffered from some form of epilepsy. He had to take daily medication for these seizures. He also freaked out when it rained. The thunder and lightning didn't frighten him, just rain. Strange.

Unbeknownst to us Sam suddenly developed congestive heart failure from poor dental care, then after a short stint in the kennel, he had total renal failure. It wasn't their fault, of course, he would have developed this no matter where he was staying. We had to have Sam "put down" because he was in so much misery. I miss the little guy so much.

He definately left some permanent paw prints on my heart. The on-line memorial for Sam Jr. at FindAGrave.


Birth Order: Third
Sire: Chip Monk Merritt
Dam: Sonya Merritt
Born: October 21, 1998 Merritt Kennels, Waycross, Ware Co, GA
Died: September 4, 2013 Waycross, Ware Co, GA
Burial: FindAGrave Memorial

Maxie was an AKC salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer. She had a really cute cropped tail and intact, floppy ears. I'm so glad the kennel never cut them. She could bark in such a high pitch that it was down right painful to the ear drums! When she got really excited her bark sounded like a 'squeak'. That always made me giggle. She could also jump flat footed over a 3 foot fence. She didn't look it but she was a tough little character.

Because she was exercised frequently, she was in marvelous shape and had been blessed with a healthy constitution except for a minor, reaccurring ear problem. She was prone to ear infections. And, boy howdy, that dog could run! Before the crushing illness laid her low, I clocked her in one of her sprints at about 25 mph.

Maxie was a good traveler. She was always friendly to strangers and children. She had got the sweetest personality. Since we could hardly stand to be apart she was my almost constant companion. She has filled many a lonely hour with love, happiness and total devotion. She was My Little Maxie Girl!

We've dubbed her affectionately with some nicknames: Stumpy (because of her tail), Squeaky, Angel Puppy (when she's good), Little Bad Dawg (when she's not), and Maxiedammit (she hides at this name)!! (lol)

December 9, 2005 my little girl had a brush with death! She had numerous kidney stones, one very large one, that became lodged in her bladder. They where caused by feeding her CHEAP DOG FOOD ('Ol Roy from Wal-Mart). They had to be surgically removed. She had two surgeries in one week, it almost killed her. Thanks to a skillful Vet and our loving Lord Jesus, she was on the road to recovery in no time. That was definately a rough week for all of us.

As of early 2013, Maxie was sleeping too much, drinking excessive amounts of water, then having trouble holding her urine, lost her voice, was panting, pacing, and her skin was loose. She was just all around not her normal self. The Vet diagnosed her with "Cushings Disease". Thankfully, she never completely lost her fur, it only thinned out considerably but she did become so sensitive to touch that holding her was impossible. Her last days where quite miserable for her. In the end I held her gently, letting her sniff my hands, while the drugs where administered by our kindly Vet. She went peacefully to the Rainbox Bridge at 7:08 pm September 4, 2013.

My heart is forever broken and I will always miss my little furry buddy but I'm thankful I had her for as long as I did.


Breed: Boxer
Sire: Max Cason
Dam: Bell Cason
Birth: March 5, 2003, Hoboken, Brantley County, Georgia
Death: August 1, 2014, Waycross, Ware County, Georgia
Burial: FindAGrave Memorial

It was a wet, stormy Tuesday evening here in southeastern Georgia when we brought Lucy home on April 8th. It rained so hard it was a real frog strangler. The young lady who bred the parents and raised her the first few weeks was very good to the puppies, I could tell. I think she'd been weaned only an hour before we bought her though! The parent dogs were also well cared for with good personalities, something I was told to look for. Lucy stood out in the crowd of six puppies. I just had to have her. It was love at first sight for all of us.

She had a rocky start with Maxie but eventually they got along like old bud's. I'm so glad. Lucy was 6 weeks old on April 16, 2003 and already displayed LOTS of personality! She was so adorable and very intelligent with sweet searching eyes. She was an excellent companion, good watch dog, and quite sociable. It was a very happy day when we welcomed this little bundle into our family and hearts.

By July 21, 2008, Lucy had been limping rather badly for several days. So, we took her to the Vet to be examined. After X-rays, Vet told us she suffered from "ruptured cruciate ligament in the right stifle with arthritic changes in the left hip". Which meant it could not be fixed nor changed. She began taking a mild pain medication and glucosamine for the joints. This slowed down the degeneration a little and hopefully offered some relief. I knew that Lucy was just handed a death sentence. This is how we lost our first big dog, Lady.

Again, more sickness for the poor kid. On August 1st she was rushed to the Vet, again, and we received the devastating diagnosis that she contracted stomach cancer. Also by now the leg problems completely overwhelmed her. She was paralyzed and in excruciating pain. We made the agonizing decision to give her permanent rest. Poor thing had lost so much weight and fur she was almost unrecognizable. Her life had become one of misery. Lucy went peacefully to sleep with me petting her gently on Friday at 10:11 am. Do you know, she was still "smiling" like she always did?! What a sweetie she was.

Lucy rests next to her best little buddy Maxie under the big oak trees in our personal pet cemetery. Everyone who knew her misses her very much. I know I do.


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