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Greetings Fellow Researchers. Below are listed several surname web pages that I maintain. I hope you find these pages useful. Friendly folks are always welcome here.

There are three families on my side that is researched: my biological or birth family, then the adopted family and finally a now former step family. Mostly I have researched my birth family. My maternal birth family surnames have been primarily in the western Carolinas and 'wiregrass' Georgia / Florida. The main maternal surnames are: Byrd, Dillard, Giddens, Greene of western NC, Hardeman, Lott, Love, McMahan, Moore, Roberts and Sweat. The main paternal surnames are: Coleman / Kuhlmann, Keith, Maloy, and McCall. Some of my paternal family names are also found in 'wiregrass' Alabama and Florida. Click the links provided for each surname or go to the 'index' page I have dubbed 'Irisheyes', even though all my ancestors are not of Irish origin. My adopted family is listed under the Red Bird Acres heading and are: Ackman and Koethe. They are primarily of German extraction primarily from western Pennsylvania and Ohio respectfully, with eventual immigrations to Florida by the 1950s.

My husband's Hudson family, who are of the Hudson's of Amelia lineage, is so large that my primary research in his family has been Hudson and only his direct lineage. It would be safe to say that they immigrated to and from every state in the union at one time or another. His direct lineage migrations in America are mostly from England to Amelia County in Virginia, then to the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, with one of his German ancestors, AMOLD, having immigrated from Pennsylvania and Illinois to Florida. All his names are listed under "Red Bird Acres".

Thanks For Stopping By And Happy Researching Y'all!

Please Note: Everything here is just a guide. The lineages shown here are mostly the folks that lead directly to each of us respectively. None of these pages have complete lists of descendants nor can I usually prove that anything is accurate. I do try to be accurate but poo occurs. Nor do I have any further information than what is found here on-line. I highly recommend reading the Disclaimer page first so as to avoid any disappointments.

Irisheyes ~ My Birth Family
Irisheyes INDEX includes links to marriages and other pertinent info
Byrd (Bird)
Dillard (formerly D'illard)
Greene (de Grene, Green, etc.)
Kuhlmann (now Coleman)
Love (Luiff)
Maloy (O'Molloy)
McMahan (MacMahan, MacMahon)
Moore (of the Clan O'More)
Sweat (Sweatt, Swett, Swete, Sweet)

Red Bird Acres ~ My Adopted Family
Ackman (Ackmann) also includes DeWalt, Ehle, Gausser, Jacobs
Koethe (Kothe) also includes Kaiser, Muth, Rossfield, Strain, Zimmer

Red Bird Acres ~ My Husband's Family
Cain (McCain)
de la Fontaine
Moone (Moon)
Ponce ~ DNA tests have shown that my husband & his siblings are not related. Page has been removed.
Wynne (Wynn)

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