There are no guarantees to the accuracy of the information at this website. EVERYTHING HERE IS JUST A GUIDE!

Every effort has been made to be as accurate as humanly possible but still mistakes can be made. Corrections are always welcome but please remember your manners and be polite. The mistake was an honest one and not meant in a malicious manner.

Many dates can be approximate, and sometimes places are educated guessing, and not meant to replace actual documents. Most people are smart enough to figure out when a researcher puts "Born Abt. 1800 possibly Georgia or South/North Carolina" that we're just guessing. This is done out of necessity. I'll guess at a person's age or event or place just to give a time line for easier researching. It's not meant to circumvent actual info. If you know the info, then please share and I'll be happy to put the real date(s) and or place(s).

This is a work in progress and should be verified with your own actual documents and research.

Some information is still just rumours, gut feelings and working theories. Much of the information contained here is via the generosity of others, therefore, it is a collection of data compiled from numerous sources which I have no control over. Please remember to always check all data with your own actual documents.

I HAVE NO FURTHER INFO! Please do not ask. That includes the inane question "Do I have ....?" If I 'have' the reference to it is here. Honest-to-goodness, I have 'everything' except most information on living folks on-line.

There is no other help or information available other than what is posted here or at my other websites.

I CAN NOT HELP ANYONE RESEARCH! Family histories are a personal journey of discovery; half the fun is getting there yourself. So, please do not ask me to search for you.

Please do not ask me to notify you if I learn more about the family. To stay abreast of late breaking news, I humbly suggest visiting whatever surname webpage interests you often for up-dates. I now have the "Change Detection", I hope, on every surname webpage. Sign up for it and the service will send you a notice when I change that surname page (won't necessarily be information up-dates). They won't SPAM or anything like that. It's private. Or, another alternative is to visit our respective Worldconnect at Rootsweb websites (links below) often for even more recent up-dates. Be aware, though, that I may pull those sites at any time. I'm really getting tired of all the pop up adv's at Rootsweb. Rootsweb has really gone to h-e-double sticks in a hand basket these days.

Like computer programers like to say "garbage in, garbage out". Therefore, any unkind, rude, nasty, insensitive or flamer e-mails will be deleted and you'll be put on the permanent Block Sender List. All kindly offered information is happily received. If you find any errors or have additional information please supply me with the complete link to the webpage in question, and I will attempt to correct in a timely manner (no guarantees are made though).

The descendancy lists are incomplete because some individuals have requested to be left out of the family and I have respected their wishes. I have left most info off the living folks for obvious reasons. Some individuals have been left off because there simply was not room at my websites. Some have been left off for other personal reasons.

If this is found disturbing in any way, I do apologize, and humbly suggest that those family members with these issues, or other interested parties, to simply write their own family history and post accordingly. The webpages here at GeoCities are FREE. I have chosen to pay for mine and now have GeoCities Plus. Their fees are quite reasonable and I highly recommend them.

With that said .... remember, this is suppose to be FUN! Enjoy! And I hope you have all your researching questions answered soon. Thanks for stopping by and ....

Happy Researching Y'all,

Pamela 8^}

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