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Red Bird Acres & Irisheyes

Red Bird Acres: ~ Husband's Family & My Adopted Family.
Irisheyes: ~ My Birthfamily Only; OR FamilySearch.Org Trees LDS Submission ID: MM3K-GLC . Submitted: 21 June 2008.
Hudsons Of Amelia: Webpages removed 2006; everyone I had information on was donated to FamilySearch.Org Trees Submission ID: MM9R-PR3 .
Please research there for your family. I did not keep my notes and have no further info.

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I used to be contacted several ways, some of these ways have been removed because of others being inconsiderate.

Notes To Read Before Writing.

I enjoy getting e-mail from cousins and fellow researchers, but I have found, in recent years, that I get far too many requests for further information. I will not respond to a request for further information. Honest, everything I have is on-line. I promise! Therefore, I have set up this page with a list of suggestions to consider when making contact. Though this may seem like a list of "rules", don't let it be a discouragement from writing. This page was created mainly as a set of suggestions and to let everyone know ahead of time why I probably can't, or won't, respond. I know that everyone's time is equally as important to them as ours is, and that is why this page was created. Once Upon A Time we were getting over 30 e-mails a day. Thankfully that has dropped considerably. We still get far more than can possibly be answered.

It just helps all of us if a certain "netiquette" is followed. That is what the following list is, mainly common sense suggestions, and a few nit-picky things that I prefer. Feel free to ignore this entire section, and jump back to the address information at the bottom of the page.


Most people I've had the pleasure to communicate with and/or hear from have been very, very polite, offer constructive advice and information. I'm sure y'all are one of them. It's really a shame that to have to do this but, I'm just asking that, if you write, please consider the following important guidelines. These "rules" are voluntary of course, so, don't let this discourage you from writing:

1. I Have No Knowledge Or Information Or Data On Any DNA Tests. Sorry to have to add this new "rule" but I'm getting lots of questions concerning this one. Consider me Medically Challenged (grin), I haven't had the test nor have any plans on getting one, and have no further info on anyone getting these tests.

2. Please Be Polite. Any rude, demanding or obnoxious person will be totally and forever more put on the Blocked Sender List. Just remember, sugar works better than $h%!, but I'm sure I don't need to tell y'all that. :o)

3. Who, What, When And Where. Please tell me in as much detail as you can (but not too wordy) with dates, places and who you are talking about and refrain from using initials when possible. I must have the full-name, birth and/or death dates, and at least a county and state of the event, if known. A vague message will definately get no response. The message will be deleted.

4. Who are YOU? Please sign your messages, at least with your first name. I will not respond to unsigned correspondence. Would you?? Also, be sure to include your correct return e-mail address! I can't tell you how many times I've responded to people's requests just to have it bounce back. I'm not psychic, so, I don't know what the correct e-mail address is. It's also a huge waste of time on my part.

5. Asking About Living People. Please don't ask for information on people born more recently than ca. 1900 or so. Except for odd exceptions, I probably don't have this information anyway. If I do have this data, I safeguard my cousins and others personal info very carefully.

6. Put The Correct "Subject" On Your E-Mail. Please put "Genealogy" and / or the name of the individual(s) being written about or the e-mail will be deleted without reading it. There are just too many viruses and spammers out there to take any chances these days.

7. How Do I ...? Please don't ask me to help you get started in genealogy, or how to do a web page or anything of that nature. Unfortunately, I don't have time nor the inclination to help with those and similiar questions.

8. Repeat Messages. Please don't resend your message in a few days or a week "demanding" a reponse. I just do not have the time to answer everyone's requests and demanding one just gets a delete and you'll be placed on a permanent Block Senders List. It's OK to resend, of course, since e-mails do sometimes get 'lost' (must be CyberRats). I am not responsible for lost e-mails. As everyone knows sometimes these ISP's are not real reliable.

9. DO NOT SHOUT. Do not send messages TYPED IN ALL CAPS, as this is very difficult to read, and many people, and I'm one of them, consider this to be "shouting" on-line. No one likes to be shouted at.

10. GEDCOM, Photos, FTM Files, Etc. Please do not send me unsolicited Gedcoms. I will accept small FTM Files, Descendant Reports, photographics (no .bmp or .zip please: only .jpg or .gif) or any kind as long as they are not overly large file attachments. Large files, like bitmaps, are very bothersome to upload and tie up the server. Also, if you do not know what a GEDCOM is, follow this link for more info: Rootsweb Help Desk.

11. Can I Send You A GEDCOM File? NO! Don't ask me for a GEDCOM of my data. I don't send these to anyone. I have put all the information I know about whomever at under various ID's: "redbirdacres" and "irisheyes". Please go to those addresses and download or copy whatever is needed or wanted. Those sites are kept more up-to-date than pages here. I also have most of the documents in our possession at Document Images & Transcriptions.

12. Jokes, Virus Warnings, Stories, Chain Letters, Cute Stories, Graphics, Politics, Etc. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THESE!!! I'm just NOT interested. I do not have time to read any of them. If I'm sent any of these mailings, you will be put on the Blocked Sender List.

13. I Need A Link Please. If you're writing about one of our webpages; that there is a broken link, incorrect/incomplete information or other problem with the page, please be so kind as to give me the complete link in question. I appreciate it. I have so many web pages now and genealogy projects going on, it's getting hard to remember What's Where. That way I can go directly to the page without trying to figure out who or what in the world is in question and make the proper corrections or additions. Thanks. :o)


The E-mail Address:   E-MAIL.
  NOTE: Don't forget the subject line. :)
  And please DO NOT sign me up for any automatic family e-mail groups, newsletters or whatever uninvited.

Telephone Number:   Please do not call unless invited to do so.

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